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Super Moon. Super Bowl. Super Stop It

Super Moon

People have learned to communicate by "double-speak," by innuendo & by non-verbal communication. How does it make you feel to hear the #ApprenticePresident RUDELY SNIFFLING every time he opens his mouth???

Learning takes place in many forms, even by watching TV - whether we realize it or not.

Tuesday evening began the rise of the "Super Moon" on the eve of the State of the Union Address. It was beautiful & visible in the Houston sky as early as 6pm as I was out & about driving around at that time.


All while the #ApprenticePresident was RUDELY sniffling his way through the #SOTU the moon began its' descent into the setting phase dropping lower & lower into the early Wednesday morning horizon as it eclipsed, turning blood red.

Houstonians didn't have the best vantage point for for viewing the "Super Blue Blood Moon" but I made a valiant effort to go see it just the same, including walking out of the State of the Union - i seriously couldn't