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State of the Union with the 45th President

Sexism is every bit as hurtful as Racism. How are WOMEN to blame for the hours in the day? The TIME on the clock? We're not. It is Scapegoating WOMEN. Blaming the VICTIM.

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

And it needs to stop.

Below is what I wrote for the 3rd Women's March that I sat out this year. Their Official Platform embraces the theory of "Intersectional Feminism." I wanted to cry when I read it. Is it okay to be a white woman???

Several other Grassroots pages I follow think it's okay, to refer to the #ApprenticePresident as "45" in a derogatory manner as if it is his NAME. It is so hurtful & inflammatory to women I may need to "Unfollow" them.

"45 did this."

"45 did that"

"45 did the other thing"

From where I'm sitting the use of "45" in this manner might be a RACIAL SLUR

Tonight the 45th President will be giving his State of the Union Address & BULLYING will be front & center. Ironically that man BULLIED HIS WAY INTO THE OVAL OFFICE.

Reportedly, it has been said that the message will be a message of UNITY.

I don't think shutting down the Government FOR ANY REASON is very unifying, do you???

We all heard him say that he would own it.

He was the one who refused to make a deal & then tried to blame the Democrats for what we saw with our own two eyes & own two ears.

I - for one - will be COUNTING the # of times he SNIFFLES.


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Intersectional Feminism & the "Isms."

So today is the 3rd Women's March & I have decided to sit this one out.

For years, long before the "Official Women's March" announced their official platform dubbed the "Women's Agenda" of Intersectional Feminism, this term has been used by many of the women's groups I follow.

Intersectional Feminism is very dis-heartening especially for White Women.

The theory of Intersectional Feminism states that women of color face the same Misogyny that all women are subjected to, but goes on to state that they face additional hardships due to the color of their skin.


So here is the whole Key to EQUALITY: PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS.

When we describe a WOMAN.