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13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Equal Rights Amendment

What's It All About, Alfie?

UPDATE For Women's Equality Month. One more time. People cannot live vicariously through the lives of good or bad actors. PEOPLE watching TV is how we got stuck with the #ApprenticePresident.

Recently a story made the rounds of the Internet with several people questioning whether or not there was still a need for Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

We sure do.

Consider the sexist hurtful, hateful advertising attacking MILK

I have felt SO INSULTED by this ON BEHALF OF ALL WOMEN for years now - so much so I have opened a page dedicated to MISOGYNISTIC ATTACKS ON MILK.

I am not a sports fan & didn't watch the Super Bowl again this year, but apparently there was a new Super Bowl ATTACK AD on Milk.

Can you image the OUTRAGED, OUTCRY if a TV ADVERTISER was burning people's COFFEE???

There would be SCREAMS OF RACISM & I don't mean maybe.

PEOPLE are individuals. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE


While Income Inequality for Women remains a HUGE problem and a primary reason for doing what I do, I keep trying to teach that PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS equally entitled to the protections afford to every citizen of this country.

Women are the only CLASS of people not protected by the US Constitution

Checks and Balances to prevent a DICTATOR

The #ApprenticePresident with his PREJUDICIAL fear mongering tactics, who fails to unite a divided nation, who fails to understand the Checks & Balances has just released the most racially-charged, PREJUDICIAL political campaign ad - all while claiming he can alter our Constitution by Executive Order.

The #ApprenticePresident is a BAD ACTOR, a VILLAIN


He is ACTING very badly.

He is ACTING like a VILLAIN.

Villains are NOT Heroes - they are Villains

Destroying Lives For Profit

When PEOPLE watch TV, when PEOPLE watch a movie, when PEOPLE listen to the Radio, we cannot internalize the things we see & hear to the point that we think we ARE our ACTORS. This is delusional thought.

The #ApprenticePresident is SO DELUSIONAL right now he is still running this country as if he's staging the latest episode of The Apprentice.

PEOPLE cannot see my Diversity when I meet someone new. I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED about BACKLASH caused by the #ApprenticePresidents actions.

Today is the first day of Open Enrollment for #ObamaCARE.

As A Life & Health Insurance Agent the 4th Quarter of the year is when we make our money.

If someone posts something online that I would normally Like, Comment or Share, pleased don't feel over-looked or ignored. I'm working.

Equal Rights Amendment

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