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It's Earth Day. Be Kind to Mother Nature

It's Earth Day. Be Kind to Mather Nature

The Easter Holiday weekend, the Holiest time on the Christian Calendar was once again marred by the Holy Wars in parts of the globe.

All faiths claims to believe in peace, yet the worst attacks always seem to happen on Religious Holidays.

Generally a time for Electronics Recycling, Water Conservation & planting trees, let's all reflect on how we humans treat the PEOPLE on this Earth Day.

Why do disagreements over Faith lead to violence???

Christians believe that Jesus was born, lived & died for our Soul Salvation.

What if believers of other faiths don't want to be saved???

We can feel sorry for them that they haven't "seen the light" but there's no reason why Christians & Muslims & Jews can't peacefully co-exist.

These three faiths are Monotheistic faiths, but what about Polytheism such as Hinduism, for example?

Does it matter which faith is true & correct?

Below is something I wrote after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area.

We Christians refer to God the Father & Christ as the Son of God.

What about Mother Nature???

It's something to think about on this Earth Day.

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