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Political. Legal. ETHICAL

The word is ETHICS. Ethics are a moral standard beyond what is merely legal. Many things may be perfectly legal, but UNETHICAL. We need Legislation written REQUIRING MANDATORY ETHICS CERTIFICATION for anyone intending to running for Elected Office to even get on the Ballot.

Ethics are a standard of behavior that is Self-Governing, Self-Monitoring & Self-Policing our own behavior as individuals, not to sit in judgment of others. Laws are only applicable when people cannot or will not govern their own individual behaviors.

The American People have a right to EXPECT our Elected Officials to not only function within the limits of the Law, but to exemplify a model of behavior for the rest of the country to follow.

The Partisan Politics that have gripped the Republican party has this country more divided than ever, turning a blind eye to a Bully who perjures himself in public on a regular basis.

In the current political climate with high ranking government officials in the Trump Administration having already been convicted of many things, including Perjury & Obstruction of Justice, why are lawmakers arguing points of Law?

Is it a Misdemeanor?

Is it a Felony??


There should be no question of impropriety in the actions of the Leader of the Free World at all, what-so-ever.



As a Licensed Insurance Agent of 13 years years, it floors me that I am held to a higher Ethical Standard than the President of the United States.

When I watch TV coverage of any breaking News out of Washington, I Channel Surf. One of the TV Anchors I trust to be fair & balanced is Chris Cuomo on CNN.

When I think of the distinction between Politics, Law & Ethics, he is one of the main people that springs to my mind.

In his effort to be FAIR he regularly brings in both Democrat & Republican Politicians & Attorneys to argue points of Law.

Why are we not talking about ETHICS?

Any profession requiring Licensing, has a component of accountability & License revocation for things like Malpractice. For Attorneys it is called DisBarment.

Shouldn't our Elected Officials, ESPECIALLY the President be held to these standards???

I think the answer is YES.

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