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  • lisaannettestanley

The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

UPDATE 50% of Americans can be THANKFUL for the Impeachment Inquiry into the Reality Show Presidency this Thanksgiving 2019.

How anyone can find a Bully to be charismatic is stunning in & of itself, but apparently the mass of humanity that attends Trump rallies see no problem with his aggressive speeches.

It is actually unfair to demonize political opponents, but the Fake President who holds himself out "to be real," did this again last night at a Pre-Thanksgiving Rally where he again characterized the Impeachment Inquiry as a "Witch Hunt" & "Sinister."

In addition to demonizing his Political opponents, just this week he was validated by former Texas Governor & Trump Cabinet-Appointee Rick Perry in an interview on Fox News, calling Trump "The Chosen One."


I would make the case that the Apprentice President is the Charismatic Great Deceiver, the False Prophet or perhaps the Anti-Christ himself.

The Anti-Christ is said to arise in the world of Politics claiming to be "THE REAL" GOD. Does this sound familiar @theREALDonaldTrump?

Time & time again, the Fake President makes VERIFIABLY FALSE STATEMENTS, or in my opinion Pathological Lies that are just not true.