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Emotional Intelligence IS De-escalation Training

NOTE: Normally I would have preferred to post on the 7th & not the 8th, but this is just too important to keep quiet. My Web Page STILL has technical difficulties & as a result each item I post to Social Media needs to be done manually. This is incredibly time-consuming & I just don't have time to keep doing this until my Web Page gets fixed.


Emotional Intelligence is toning down the rhetoric.

Emotional Intelligence is diffusing volatile situations.

With respect to our elected leaders we EXPECT them to be skilled DIPLOMATS.

Can someone in the Judicial Branch under whose jurisdiction the Pentagon & Intelligence Community of our government fall under PLEASE teach the Apprentice President how to de-escalate volatile situations?

To think the man who can be baited by a Twitter Tweet has his itchy trigger-finger on the Nuclear Button is a terrifying thought.

De-Escalation Training

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