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Super Bowl? Super Stop It

Super Bowl? Super Stop It

Passive-Aggression in the public is a problem. Anger Management in the public is a problem. Road Raging in the public is a problem. Bullying in the public is a problem & this is part of the reason why.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is also Ground Hog Day.

It will be a testosterone-filled day of Male Aggression tackling the other guy.

Need I point out that there are NO WOMEN in the NFL?

So how did a "friendly game" turn into an overly-aggressive, viscous smack-down?

Don't know.

But it is infuriating.

Many will watch for the blood-sport of the game. Others will watch for the Cheerleaders & Half-time Show. Still others will watch for the Super Bowl Commercials - which have become a Sport in & of themselves.

Which brings me to the Advertising Hall of Shame.

This began as a permanent page on my website titled Milk. It Does a Body GOOD, to call out Irresponsible Advertisers like last year's Hall of Shame "Winner" Mint Mobile for their SEXIST OFFENSIVELY-MISOGYNISTIC Super Bowl Ad featuring "Chunky-Style" Milk.

Yesterday's latest entry into the Advertising Hall of Shame can be found here until I have time to give it a permanent link on the page.

Two years ago, Houston was Host City to the big game & it was a nightmare.

Below is what I wrote at that time.

Super Moon

Super Bowl. Super Moon Super Stop It

People have learned to communicate by "double-speak," by innuendo & by non-verbal communication. How does it make you feel to hear the #ApprenticePresident RUDELY SNIFFLING every time he opens his mouth???

Learning takes place in many forms, even by watching TV - whether we realize it or not.

Tuesday evening began the rise of the "Super Moon" on the eve of the State of the Union Address. It was beautiful & visible in the Houston sky as early as 6pm as I was out & about driving around at that time.

All while the #ApprenticePresident was RUDELY sniffling his way through the #SOTU the moon began its' descent into the setting phase dropping lower & lower into the early Wednesday morning horizon as it eclipsed, turning blood red.

Houstonians didn't have the best vantage point for for viewing the "Super Blue Blood Moon" but I made a valiant effort to go see it just the same, including walking out of the State of the Union - i seriously couldn't take Trump's sniffling.

Which leads me back to all the learning taking place around here. Many times, learning what NOT TO DO is as important as learning what TO DO.

We cannot have people walking around "suing each other" BECAUSE there is a "Super Moon."

We cannot have people walking around "suing" each other BECAUSE there is a "Super Bowl."

THIS is what has the ENTIRE PLANET pissed off.

Can everyone LEARN how to "Super Stop It?"

So this is the Big Idea.

How to teach PEOPLE how to stop this.

I would think that this would go without saying but apparently it needs to be said.

Just STOP.

Learn to communicate with Emotional Intelligence. Learn to communicate with RESPECT.

I took a year off to write this with nothing coming in & need to find a Sponsor, a Partner or Side-gig during the development phase of putting this plan into action.

If you buy into what I'm doing & would like to see REAL change in our culture, buy the book, make a Donation or send me an Email to inquire about Partnerships at RevolvingDoorHR@gmail.com

Am I an "expert?"


Do I know what I'm talking about?


Other than that, I may stop posting for a while so I can look for that side-gig to keep this thing afloat. I have yet to make this page profitable.

Say "Yes. I Will Help Fund This CRITICAL Mission" here

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How To Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office"

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