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Super Bowl? Super Stop It

Super Bowl? Super Stop It

Passive-Aggression in the public is a problem. Anger Management in the public is a problem. Road Raging in the public is a problem. Bullying in the public is a problem & this is part of the reason why.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is also Ground Hog Day.

It will be a testosterone-filled day of Male Aggression tackling the other guy.

Need I point out that there are NO WOMEN in the NFL?

So how did a "friendly game" turn into an overly-aggressive, viscous smack-down?

Don't know.

But it is infuriating.

Many will watch for the blood-sport of the game. Others will watch for the Cheerleaders & Half-time Show. Still others will watch for the Super Bowl Commercials - which have become a Sport in & of themselves.

Which brings me to the Advertising Hall of Shame.

This began as a permanent page on my website titled Milk. It Does a Body GOOD, to call out Irresponsible Advertisers like last year's Hall of Shame "Winner" Mint Mobile for their SEXIST OFFENSIVELY-MISOGYNISTIC Super Bowl Ad featuring "Chunky-Style" Milk.