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Gender Inclusion at Super Bowl LIV

Budweiser gets it. Gender Inclusion isn't about Gender Dominance. It's about Equality. When we learn to recognize that PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS it doesn't matter if we are Male, Female, Black or White.

Preferring the Puppy Bowl to the Super Bowl, I spent most of the day on Animal Planet & didn't see any of the Big Game in real time as it was happening like the rest of the country. No Pregame, Game, Halftime Show or Super Bowl Ads like this one from Budweiser.

People don't realize that Feminists like myself are NOT Anti-Male. We are INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE.

The Budweiser Ad also speaks to the Sociological Phenomenon of Labeling.

Labeling is when we form impressions of People based purely on outwardly visible physical characteristics. based on their appearance.

Labeling can lead to prejudiced-based discrimination "You don't look like me. I want to see someone who looks like me."

Someone at Budweiser had their Thinking Cap on for this one. I was VERY happy to see this one this morning.

I also LOVE this "Lucky Dog" one from Weather Tech.

On the face of it, it is a feel-good story of one dog's Cancer Survival - then it goes on to seek donations for Cancer Research in Veterinary Medicine.

I think the larger message is that Scout survived Cancer thanks to Medical Miracles & we CAN too.

Then there's this from Olay that is very near & dear to my heart that I also love.

While this one speaks to the very heart of Feminism, Gender Inclusion & is also a Charitable Foundation, sponsored by a corporation seeking donations, I feel like it is just a bit tone deaf & here is why.

Pink is a Stereotype for Women.

Houston, Texas - is home to Space City..

Anything PINK in Houston, Texas is used to ATTACK WOMEN in the most Sexist, Hurtful Hateful way possible.

We have a Non-Anglo Saxon Female Reporter at one of TV Stations who I ACTUALLY DO LIKE that regularly wears a screaming-Hot Pink Dress like an angry UNIFORM.

It always makes me sad when I see SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC ANGER being directed at White English-Speaking Women by Women of another Ethnicity.

While the Olay Ad does speak to leveling the playing field for WOMEN, it also speaks to Coding.


Or better yet can BROADCASTERS & TV Reporters STOP CODING?

I am not quite 60 years old & am just now learning how THE MEDIA speaks Non-Verbally in Symbolic Code.

My MOTHER did NOT Speak in "Code."

How could she teach that to Me???

No, "All White English Speaking WOMEN DO NOT SPEAK in Code."

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