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“H.E.B-ing” a Good Corporate Citizen

#SheIsaNuff "H.E.B-ing" a Good Corporate Citizen

7:43 Central Standard Time. So happy yesterday grocery shopping at Texas’ largest Grocery Retailer, H.E.B. This stopped me in my tracks & I had to take a few pictures just inside the Lobby.

Normally I object to massive displays of merchandise just inside the front door of businesses, but this one made me smile.

#SheIsaNuff "H.E.B-ing" a Good Corporate Citizen

Increasingly over the past couple years, I’ve seriously had my nose out of joint over the Product Positioning, particularly in the Dairy Aisle near the Lactaid Milk.

Product Positioning sends subliminal signals that encourage us to purchase things.

Like coffee or bananas.

What is this saying?

When all of a sudden the Coffee Aisle swaps places with the Chip & Snacks Aisle about the same time bananas magically appear in the Dairy Aisle, how does this make you FEEL?

Beyond our shared frustration of now having to play Hide & Seek to find the items on our lists, are we being subjected to a subliminal message about the relationship between Milk & Coffee & Bananas & Chips in the GROCERY Aisles???

I was so upset by it & due to the fact that I have based my entire business around the Misogynistic Treatment of WOMEN by society, I had to send an Email.

Which leads me to my “Atta-Boy “ to H.E.B. for “H.E.B.-ing a Good Corporate Citizen" for partnering with Nuff & their Campaign for building little girls’ Self Esteem.

#SheIsaNuff #HEB-ing a Good Corporate Citizen

Every child should be encouraged to feel good about themselves. To feel confidant.

In a world where so much Bullying is going on, we need more programs like this for GIRLS.

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