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Material Misrepresentation of Facts. Women's History Month

Material Misrepresentation of Facts, Part 2.  Women's History Month

UPDATE. The concept of "Material Misrepresentation comes straight out of Ethics 101. This concept is very much akin to 'Deliberate Dis-Information."

In other words, it is fancy Legalese for LIES.

Material Misrepresentation refers to lies about a Material Fact. A Material Fact is central to the issue that is being lied about. It is no small thing or a side note, as in "Oh by the way, we conveniently forgot to mention this fact."

A Material FACT of American Politics is that MISOGYNY has rendered Qualified Female Presidential Candidates Un-electable solely BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN.

If asked, most people would not admit to this fact, but if they look deep inside themselves & are honest with themselves this would likely be true.

2016 Voter Demographics of Non-White Voters from Pew Research Center

We can look at the NUMBERS of Registered Voters who FAILED TO VOTE AT ALL in 2016, but no one would Publicly admit, "Yeah, I didn't Vote for that White Woman to be President in 2016 because I am SEXIST."

Try getting anyone to admit to THAT.

Tonight, March 6, 2020, I will be joining the League of Women Voters at the Opening night of the Alley Theater's Production of George Orwell's 1984.

The minute I saw that they had brokered a deal with the Alley Theater for Special Discount Ticket Prices & posted their Event, I bought my ticket without hesitation.

The phenomenon of the "1984 Effect" is Chapter 8 of my book, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How To Tame the Red Carpet In YOUR Office."

I have written ad nauseum about how 1984 was BACKWARDS FROM THE BEGINNING

George Orwell's 1984




The First Amendment guarantees things like Free Speech & Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion & the Right to Peaceful Public Assembly, but there remain certain types of speech that are not protected by the Constitution, such as Hate Speech, Bullying, Race-Baiting & Deceptive Trade Practices.

Deceptive Trade Practice & Material Misrepresentation of Facts are basic tenants of ETHICS.

Insurance Agents like myself will appreciate the impossibly high standards that we Agents are held to just to do our jobs to cover you, protect your health while putting ourselves at tremendous personal risk.


It is a frustratingly highly Politicized & thankless job, where the majority of us are Self Employed & with no benefits for ourselves.

The LifeSaver Lady

While the American public is "waiting for the other shoe to drop" in the form of the Robert Mueller Report, I am about to burst a blood vessel in here with people "tripping over Rat Turds & Splitting Hairs" over whether or not the #ApprenticePresident actually committed any crimes!!!!!

That man's bullying, lying mortifying behavior is SO UNETHICAL, our Elected Officials should be beyond reproach.

This, again, is a highly risky position for me to take among some of my family, friends & loved ones, some of whom vocally & viciously defend that man, including one of my sisters that I no longer claim as family. We have not spoken in months directly due to POLITICS.

(My Democrat family & friends are fine, as are a few "friendly Republicans" in my life such as my Dad. I have never been PROUDER of my Dad than when he crossed Party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton.)

When Insurance Agents are held to a HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARD THAN OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, I gotta question the misplaced priorities of the American Public that can defend & enable a bully.

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