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Door Knocking? Stop Knocking and Start Ringing

No April Fool's Joke. Stop Knocking & Start Ringing

Door knocking. Pounding the Pavement. Canvassing. Prospecting. Whatever you call it, it's used in Grassroots Campaigns of all kinds.

Door to Door Canvassing, a Sales technique employed by Political Campaigns, also known as Grassroots Marketing is a very effective method for getting the word out to prospects.

This was the predominate sales model other than Magazines & Newspapers prior to the advent of Radio & TV Advertising, also known as Commercials.

Outside Sales traditionally promoted products like Encyclopedias, Kirby & Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners, Tupperware Parties, Make-up from the Avon Lady & Mary Kay, and yes, even Girl Scout Cookies.

Many refer to this as "Door Knocking."

Can I tell you that I don't "knock on other people's doors?"

Yet my door gets knocked on all day every day & all night too.