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Flat Earth Theory. Women's History Month

Flat Earth Theory. Women's History Month

Deeply-held personal beliefs shape our attitudes & opinions about our world around us. What happens when we wake up one day to find that our Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs are wrong?

Like for instance that the Earth is flat?

From the beginning of time, Ancient Peoples looked across at the horizon & believed that a Boat could sail right off the end of the Earth. Today we know that this is just wrong.

De-Escalation is a big part of Learning to live your life with Emotional Intelligence.

When we find that a Deeply-Held Personal Belief of ours is wrong, we admit it & we fix it.

We don't "double-down" dig in our heels & repeat the lie & repeat the lie & repeat the lie like Donald Trump does.

Even during the current Global Crisis the World is facing in 2020, the "Apprentice President" went before the TV Cameras WHERE WE ALL SAW & HEARD him claim the Covid-19 Virus was a "Democratic Hoax."

When half of what our "President" says is VERIFIABLY FALSE how can we trust what he's saying???


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