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Ethics: a Standard of Behavior Higher Than the Law

UPDATE. It's gonna be a bit quiet around here for a while as I'm currently in my Life & Health Insurance Re-Certification period for 2021.

Every two years, Insurance Agents must do Continuing Education & Re-Certification to keep current on changing Legislation that affects Insurance Policies.

While it is highly unlikely that I will ever choose to sell Insurance Policies due to my long-standing belief that Insurance Companies are Pure Evil, & being a big proponent of Socialized Medicine, I do intend to to keep my License current for any number of reasons.

I look forward to it every two years - not.

It's not fun.

It is mind-numbingly boring & time consuming.

I would much prefer to be creating Content here or completing work on my Communications Training Program I am putting together.

That, plus the Political Mud-slinging Season has started & I want no part of that.

Gotta go. Will be back soon.

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