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Ethics: a Standard of Behavior Higher Than the Law

UPDATE. It's gonna be a bit quiet around here for a while as I'm currently in my Life & Health Insurance Re-Certification period for 2021.

Every two years, Insurance Agents must do Continuing Education & Re-Certification to keep current on changing Legislation that affects Insurance Policies.

While it is highly unlikely that I will ever choose to sell Insurance Policies due to my long-standing belief that Insurance Companies are Pure Evil, & being a big proponent of Socialized Medicine, I do intend to to keep my License current for any number of reasons.

I look forward to it every two years - not.

It's not fun.

It is mind-numbingly boring & time consuming.

I would much prefer to be creating Content here or completing work on my Communications Training Program I am putting together.

That, plus the Political Mud-slinging Season has started & I want no part of that.

Gotta go. Will be back soon.

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I have never seen anything like the excruciating amount of training that Health Insurance Agents are required to endure every two years, including ETHICS, LEGISLATION & LAW for Continuing Education (CE).




The PEOPLE who need ETHICS TRAINING are the PEOPLE who own these Insurance Companies, the PEOPLE who own TV Stations & the PEOPLE we Elect to Public Office to act in the best interest of the American PEOPLE.

I have been doing this for 11 very long years. Ethics is REQUIRED TRAINING every re-licensing certification period & I just about orbit the moon every time I have to do this.

Ethics are a higher moral standard beyond what is or is not legal. It is doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason at all times.


The most STUNNING part of the Russian "Collusion" investigation, in which the 2016 Election was STOLEN from Hillary Clinton, is watching the #ApprenticePresident tripping over rat terds & splitting hairs over Misdemeanors VS Felonies. WHO CARES??? OMG. His actions are SO UNETHICAL. There should be no question of impropriety. NONE.

The Senate does have a Senate Ethics Committee - that is FAILING TO DO THEIR JOB for the sake of Partisan Politics.

We need a House Resolution REQUIRING ALL CANDIDATES FOR ELECTED OFFICE to have ETHICS TRAINING BEFORE declaring their Candidacy for Public Office.

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