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June 27th. Your Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

June 27th. Your Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

The BET Awards honoring achievements of Black Artists in Music, TV & Movies is tonight June 28th on the BET Network

Normally, I would take the day off & not post anything on the 28th of any month, but this falls under the category "If you See Something, Say Something."

In the National Conversation respecting Race Relations it is necessary for each & every person to do their part.

Yesterday just before I logged out & turned off my computer, I saw this on Social Media:

DJ Screw Day.  WHAT??????? How INSULTING!

Lyrics Excerpt from DJ Screw's June 27th:

[Intro: Big Moe] That nigga Big Ass Moe Chilling with my partner named D-Mo It's on his birthday we coming through In a nigga's trunk is a nigga named Screw And I got that boy Key-C in here And that boy Poyo in these hoes' ear And we coming through wit that boy Fliggity Flea Coming out the 3, cutting hairs With that boy J-o-e, yeah that nigga Joe I done came through, Big Moe never been no ho I'm up on this tape, never gonna hate I'ma come through bouncing on a scraping plate [DJ Screw scratching...] [Verse 1: Bird] I'm gonna smoke some fucking blunts Pop the fucking trunk, the Neon lights gonna come Coming down the 'vard Acting hard, not fraud Coming through, Poyo gotta yellow broad Automatic ho, gotta yella ho Coming through the boulevard, cash, rock, I roll I never gave a damn, my juice gonna slam I'm at I.H.O.P. eaten some breakfast and some yams My partner Scott chilling at the motherfucking crib I just dumped out a whole bunch of fry deals I'm just kinda fried, I don't know why I just popped up, eating breakfast, asking "why?"

[Interlude: Big Moe] It's them boys off that Long Drive That nigga D-Mo [Verse 2: D-Mo] Getting crunk on tha real-a I'm a nigga be smoking that killa Because we know we coming down and A nigga feel so trilla Cause I'm coming with Big Moe, my Key-C and Poyo I even gotta tight foot from the playa Joe Man let me get my shit right Cause I'm not gone be the one to fall off Cause I know I'm gonna be the one To take a fucking loss 26, up in this bitch: be jamming Niggas coming down pop trunks just slamming Niggas hit the van on the candy and them blades Niggas staying on me cause they wanna get paid Everybody late and I'ma just gon' play And bitches be tripping Cause they don't wanna ever stay Down with a nigga when a nigga's doin' bad So I get my cash and I act mad I mashed up on the glass, I gotta big ol' Lac A nigga coming down with blue and purple Coming down with the 5th in the back And I'm feelin' so true Got much love for my nigga named Screw The Key-C's in this bitch, my nigga Jonathan I got about 6 or 7 pounds from him He broke em all down and we all got high And niggas don't be tripping, don't Be doin' no drive-bys 'Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red We like that fucking green and paper's what I said Big Moe wassup, in this bitch And this nigga's singing Coming through just like hell The bells are ringing Big Moe wreck one more, so we can hit the store 'Cause it be goin' down for the boy D-mo

[Interlude: Big Moe] It's that nigga, nigga named M-o-e I represent that Southside, yeah the 3 Hooked up with them boys off that Long Drive You know we stayin' playa made You know we gotta strive To the T-o-p, that's the top man I'ma come through nigga down to bring the pain If these hoes down to jack, I want you to know We comin' down bald fades, not afros

This is NOT something to be celebrated.

In fact, it is a SHAMEFUL DISGRACE.

Profanity such as this is Vile, Disgusting & Obscene on its' face.

As such, Profanity is NOT protect by the 1st Amendment guarantee to Free Speech. In fact is is PROHIBITED:

Federal Communications Commission on www.fcc.gov regarding Obscene, Indecent and Profane Broadcasts:

So where do I even begin to unpack everything that's wrong with Rap Music???

Let's start here with the use of the "N-word."

Thinking about these DJ Screw Lyrics who is using the "N-word?"

Me or you???

Then there's the "B-Word."

Could the word BITCH be considered a Racial SLUR???

Name Calling aside, why would anyone want to SPEAK THAT OVER THEMSELVES???

I have been following several Thought Leaders for several years now who speak on the "Secret Law of Attraction," people like Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar & became aware of Houston's own Marianne Williamson when she tossed her hat into the ring as a Presidential Candidate back in 2019.

This has become an entire Industry in & of itself.

This has nothing to do with Physical or Romantic Attraction.

The entire premise of the Secret Law of Attraction is that we Manifest our Thoughts.


We become what we think about.

Why in the world would young Black Rappers speak such garbage over themselves???

Why would they call themselves "Gangsta???"

If we become our thoughts, if we become what we think about, why would you speak this over yourself & your Community?

Listen to some of the Church Pastors speaking about "The Power of 'I Am'."

"I am smart."

"I am Healthy."

"I am Prosesperous."

"I am Nice."

Rappers should speak good thoughts about themselves.

We do have Free Speech.

We CAN say whatever we want.

We should think about what we are releasing out into the World because the Universe is Listening.

Sidney Poitier is the Definition of RESPECT

I will have more thoughts along this train of thought soon. I can't spend all day Blogging & posting to Social Media all day, particularly when I don't get paid for this.

I make nothing.




I am broke.

I do this this because I am deeply concerned about what's going on in this country with BULLYING & INTOLERANCE of all kinds.

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We Will LISTEN with Respect

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