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Voting Rights & Gender. 14th Amendment. 15th Amendment. 19th Amendment

Petition for Universal Suffrage sent to Congress, January 19, 1867 Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Texans went to the Polls yesterday to decide the final Ballots for which Candidates will be in the running for our National Elections in November.

It is still early this morning & I haven't seen the list of winners yet as I am writing this as opposed to scrolling Social Media for the results, but I would like to Congratulate all of those who Won the right to be on the November Ballot.

Our Voting Rights are precious & we should never take them for granted.

While I am not a Historian or a Constitutional Scholar I can read.

I can also relate to others who may not have ever seen this (like myself) what ramifications these Historical Facts are having in the present day.

Just as we see UNETHICAL interpretation of Laws & Legislation in the year 2020, with Partisan Politics being played by

1. stonewalling good pieces of Legislation for purely Political reasons,

2. challenges in the Supreme Court to have Laws overturned (like for example the Affordable Care Act) &

3. unfair Political mudslinging in Paid Political Advertising due to the overturning of the Fairness Doctrine

It is exactly the same as during the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War when these Amendments to the Constitution were written.

Even when various groups agreed with the intent of the Laws, there were Philosophical disagreements over how to go about it.

In many instances, just like today, these differences caused divisions among people who were otherwise philosophically in agreement like the "Circular-Firing Squads" seen in Primary Campaigns within a Party .

We saw this in 2016 when Donald Trump BULLIED other Republican Candidates on the debate stage with insulting Nicknames such as "Lyin' Ted Cruz."

We saw this in 2019 with the Democratic Presidential Primary - but to a lesser degree with several Democratic hopefuls calling for their fellow Democratic Candidates to "Disagree with Decency."

It is my assertion that with respect to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, it is not that she was against the 15th Amendment.

It was that she felt snubbed by not also granting WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

This is the beginning of the division in the Women's Rights Movement.

A staunch supporter of the Freedom for Slaves under the 13th Amendment, she felt that the Men in Congress had betrayed WOMEN in both the 14th Amendment - which for the first time used the word "Male" and in the language of the 15th Amendment which specifically Granted Voting Rights according to RACE.

The Fourteenth Amendment affirmed the new rights of freed women and men in 1868. The law stated that everyone born in the United States, including former slaves, was an American citizen. No state could pass a law that took away their rights to “life, liberty, or property.”

The Fourteenth Amendment also added the first mention of gender into the Constitution. It declared that all male citizens over twenty-one years old should be able to vote. In 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment affirmed that the right to vote “shall not be denied…on account of race.”

The 19th Amendment

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