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Does the Equal Rights Amendment Still Matter? Yes. Yes It Does. Here's Why. Women's Histor

My Mom Brenda Listening to Records, 1954

Encore Presentation. Free Speech under the 1st Amendment guarantees that the Government cannot stifle Citizen's ability to express themselves, however places no restrictions on individuals, individual artists, musicians or the Entertainment Industry as a whole.

There are Libel Laws against Defamation of Character for when Free Speech goes too far.

Hate Speech against Women in the form of Rap Music on Black Radio Stations is shaping the Attitudes & Opinions of the Voting Population among Black Voters virtually ensuring they will REFUSE TO VOTE FOR A WOMAN - essentially SLANDERING an ENTIRE CLASS OF PEOPLE.


Our Music is important to us.

It evokes deep Emotions.

"What do we Love?" "What do we Like?" "What do we Hate?"