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Protection From H8te Speech. Ratify the ERA Now. Women's Suffrage Centennial

Equal Rights Amendment

ENCORE PRESENTATION. While I am not a Historian, I do have a Degree in Sociology. My emphasis on the 100th Anniversary of Women gaining the Right to Vote under the 19th Amendment must be with respect to the Present & Future.

That having been said, my knowledge on the subject of the American Civil War, the Reconstruction Period & the early Amendments to our Constitution has grown by leaps & bounds in the three years I've been doing this.

One thing I was shocked to learn is that during the Civil War Period as compared to the Present day, the Southern DEMOCRATS & the Northern REPUBLICANS have flip-flopped their Parties' Platforms 180 Degrees.


So it is with this mindset of living in the Present & feeling the effects of what some have called "Toxic Masculinity" or SEXISM or MISOGYNY, perhaps even plain old Discriminatory PREJUDICE - dare I say REVERSE RACIST, that I study the past.

When I say that SEXISM COST HILLARY CLINTON THE ELECTION, it is not an Opinion, it is a FACT.

H8te Speech in Rap Music is a