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Secret Law of Attraction 101: DON'T Be a Gangsta. Women's Suffrage Centennial

Secret Law of Attraction 101: DON'T Be a Gangsta.  Women's Suffrage Centennial

For Women's Equality Day on August 26th of this year, several Women's Rights Activist Groups Organized Virtual Concert Events in recognition of the Women's Suffrage Centennial.

Women still need the protections afforded under the Equal Rights Amendment for any number of reasons, including Hate Speech, Domestic Violence & myriad other reasons.

Beyond the infuriation of women having to listen to Rappers Scream the word BITCH as if it is Socially Acceptable (It is NOT) why would Rappers call themselves Gangsta???

For anyone who has even heard of a Holistic Approach to Life - what ever you want to call it, "Soul, Mind & Body Connection," or Religion or Spirituality or even the "Secret Law of Attraction," let alone even study these concepts what it boils down to is that "our mind hears the thoughts that we're thinking."

That we become what we think about.

When Rappers go the additional step of taking their thoughts that they're thinking & release them out into the World, now the rest of us hear them too.

If you're walking around thinking to yourself 'I'm a Gangsta."

"I'm a Gangsta."

"I'm a Gangsta"

You are manifesting your thoughts. Not only that, in the case of Gangsta Rappers, now you're holding yourself out to the rest of the World as a Gangsta.

Guess how you will be perceived?

As a Gangsta.

Guess who else might be hearing this?

You guessed it.

The Cops.

So while all of the TERRIBLE things happening of "Murder by Cop" with the Black Lives Matter Movement, if you're holding yourself out to be Thugs & Gangstas this will keep happening.

The very thing that has caused Street Riot to erupt all across our Country & even in Minnesota - AGAIN - with the National Guard being called in over night, you are MANIFESTING YOUR DESTINY.

You are speaking these things into existence.

Don't believe me?

Ask the Lisa Nichols & Jack Canfields of the World that teach the "Secret Law of Attraction."

Ask any Preacher who will say that you are Prophesying over your own life.

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