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Women Can't Wait. Thoughts on the 28th Amendment. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment Now

Alice Paul's Suffrage Banner. The 19th Amendment is Ratified August 26th, 1920

For the three years since I've opened my Web Page, I've been on a mission to fix those terrible NUMBERS for Women. It has been a long-standing pet peeve of mine beginning with the Fact that I was Born on Friday the 13th.

Those dodgy NUMBERS have been the bain of my existence MY ENTIRE LIFE.

WHEN the Equal Rights Amendment FINALLY does get Ratified, it will be the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution.


28th - AGAIN.


From the beginning, I've wondered why Women's Rights Issues mostly took place in August - the 8th Month of the year.

And then I began studying the HISTORY of the Women's Rights Movement.

We've got Women's History Month in March, the 3rd Month of the Year.