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Abortion Care IS Health CARE. Why We NEED Separation of Church & State

Abortion Care IS Health CARE

Texas has the dubious distinction in leading the Nation in attacks on Health CARE of all kinds, including Women's access to Abortions, most recently banning all Abortions as "Non-Essential Services" during the Covid-19 Crisis.

The Bible Belt States, led by Texas, Ohio & Alabama, have been on a Mission to over-turn Roe/VS/Wade from the beginning of the Trump Administration.


Beginning with their "Supreme Court-Packing Power-Grabbing Refusal" to give a Confirmation Hearing to outgoing President Barack Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland, "Conservative Republicans/Christian Conservatives," have been hell-bent on Legislating Women's bodies from Day One.


Additionally, cries of "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" to dismantle the signature Legislation of the Obama Administration have not been muted in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.