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  • lisaannettestanley

B.E.Ts "Karen" is the New Sexist Slur

Racism is awful. So is REVERSE RACISM, Sexism or MISOGYNY. The Black Entertainment Network - B.E.T. - is about to release later this year the most Reverse Racist MISOGYNISTIC piece of SLANDER that I've ever seen - "Karen."


All White Women DO NOT act this way.

While my NAME may not be "Karen" I can guarantee that this will affect me as a White Woman.

B.E.T. may not have started the "Karen phenomenon" but they are about to claim ownership of it & keep it going for YEARS with the release of this Movie.

This is why I REFUSE to participate in any discussion when there is such Public Outcry about Racial Slurs.

Apparently it is only applicable to people using the "N-Word" - but it's perfectly OK for people of Color to openly use the "B-Word" AND create NEW SEXIST SLURS SUCH AS "KAREN."