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Department of Peace is Pure GENIUS. Vote Marianne 2024 to End BULLYING of all Kinds

Bullying has been a concern since before the 2016 Presidential Election & was my #1 motivating factor for writing "Yes, I'd Like to Thank The Academy: How To Tame the Red Carpet In YOUR Office" & open this Webpage in 2017.

BULLIES such as the Apprentice President have ZERO Emotional Intelligence by definition.

It is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to have a high level of Emotional Intelligence & still be a BULLY.

This is why any thinking person, myself included, has got to be impressed with 2024 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williams, her ideas & the notion of creating a Department of Peace.

These ideas are along the same lines of ENDING BULLYING WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

  • Putting yourself in someone's shoes to understand how THEY FEEL

  • Being slow to Anger & Quick to forgive

  • Observing the Christian tenant of "Turning the Other Cheek." (Here's a clue: there is a LOT of UNChristian-like behavior among so-called-Christians)

  • Treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated with etiquette, decency & respect

For example, in the Middle East someone is gonna need to stand-down & turn the other cheek.

In Ethics, Insurance Companies have Non-Retaliation policies as a basic principle.

In the words of Ghandi An Eye 4 an Eye makes the whole World Blind.

By contrast, this morning "Good" Morning America once again takes the LOW ROAD with their Demi Moore interview on her FX series Feud: Capote VS the Swans.

Continuing a "feud" like the Hatfield & McCoys is EXACTLY the type of REVENGFUL BULLYING that keeps entire Nations perpetually at WAR like the Hatfields & McCoys.

(Gee do I feel sorry for people named Hatfield who keep getting dragged into disputes that have nothing to do with them due to PLAYING THE NAME GAME!)

There is no bigger business than Disney.

Suffice it to say that Mickey is NO MOUSE - He's a RAT.

Mickey Rat.

Keep the Feud going - people will change the Channel & Turn the TV OFF.

Maybe Disney's CEO needs to be hauled in front of Congress about the GREAT SOCIAL HARM THEY ARE DOING WITH THEIR FEUDS & REVENGE!

Just saying.

To Stop the garbage & end the BULLYING, get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank The Academy: How To Tame The Red Carpet in YOUR Office," Learn to live your life with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Vote for Marianne Williamson & her Department of Peace.


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