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Easter Holy Week 2023. Announcing the 1st Woman on the Moon. Publish the ERA

NASA's Final Four announcement here in Houston, aka Space City, on Monday that the US is returning to the Moon in 2024 & the FIRST FEMALE ASTRONAUT will be on board when Artemis II takes flight is a Historic Honor for veteran NASA Astronaut Christina Koch.


NEITHER POLITICAL PARTY - not Democrats, nor Republicans support WOMEN, with both Biden & Trump blocking the Constitutional Equality of WOMEN under the Equal Rights Amendment paving the way for unchecked, unfettered RAMPANT MISOGYNY to flourish in American society.

.......such as "playing games" around something called "Final Four."

Final Four?

What even is that?


Well, in this instance, yes.

NASA went back to the Moon with Artemis & a FEMALE ASTRONAUT will be onboard.

It is actually no mistake that this announcement is happening during Christian Holy Week, Muslim Ramadan & Jewish Passover.

The announcement of Artemis II during Holy Week for 3 of the World's Major Religions, is a nod to the fact that one nation's Mythology is another nation's Religion.

Who's to say that the Ancient Greeks or Ancient Romans or Ancient Buddhist or Ancient Hindu with Polytheistic Religions that included Goddess Figures aren't actually the correct Origin Stories of the Earth?

Artemis isn't the first mythological Greek Goddess/God embraced by NASA.

She is preceded by Apollo & Orion, making this a full-circle moment for the naming of NASA Space Programs.

Back on Planet Earth & back home here in Houston, our City has embraced NASA's naming protocol with our Basketball Team the Houston Rockets & our Baseball Team the Houston Astros.

Of course to really honor & embrace all of that Greek Mythology, the City of Houston should bring back our WOMEN'S WNBA Basketball Team, the Houston Comets.

All of this is a nod to the fact that nobody really knows which Religious Origin-story of the creation of our Planet is true & correct, yet the Holy Wars that are as old as time itself continue to this day including the WAR ON WOMEN.

Apparently this year's WNBA broke all kinds of records, including TV Viewership. I'm not a sports-fan at all & don't watch the games, but have seen reports validating this fact all over Social Media this year.

Rather than watch mainstream Media on TV, I tend to watch Documentaries on YouTube - such as several produced by the History Channel, including Ancient Aliens. Another series of really well-made Documentaries that I recommend are Parable.

But Catholics are not the only Christians in the world.

Christians cannot even agree which Christian doctrine is the true version of Christianity.

But the War on WOMEN IS pervasive between Christians, Muslims & Jews - the "Big 3."

Maybe the Polytheists are right.

Let's end the WAR ON WOMEN, Publish the Equal Rights Amendment for American Women in this country & embrace the notion of a FEMALE GODDESS like Artemis.

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