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Ho Ho Ho. 50 Years of Hip Hop is SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH. Publish the ERA

Been kind of busy during Medicare Season & it has just come to my attention that yesterday CBS aired A Grammy Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop. I don't watch much Network TV these days as MOST OF IT ON ANY CHANNEL IS PURE TRASH.

Hate Speech in Black Music that PROFITS from SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH is 100% of my reason for doing this & I would be remis to not mention yesterday's TRASH on CBS.

As we head into the Christmas Season - & with Hanukkah well under way & the bitter bloody battle between Israeli Jews & Hamas Muslims in Palestine, the WAR ON WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES IS AS INSULTING AS EVER.

Who the HELL are you calling a Ho????????????????????????????????

Publish the Equal Rights Amendment & Have a MARY Christmas.


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