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Supreme Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg to Receive the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal

For her Life-long work in Equality for All on this Constitution Day, the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg to be Awarded the Libery Medal by the Nation Constitution Center, presented by the Center's President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen.

Early in her Education & Career, Ginsberg faced Gender Discrimination despite Graduating 1st in her Class at Columbia Law & couldn't get a job, solely because of her Gender.

When once asked if she could chose one Amendment to the US Constitution, Ginsberg remarked:

“Every constitution in the world written since the year 1950, even Afghanistan, has the equivalent of an equal rights amendment, and we don’t,” Ginsburg said. “I would like to show my granddaughters that the equal citizenship stature of men and women is a fundamental human right that should be right up there with free speech, freedom of religion [and] the ban on discrimination based on race or national origin." Supreme Court Justice Ruth-BaderGinsberg

Let's Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in her Lifetime so she can live to see it happen.

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