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The Intersection Between Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs, Gender & Politics. What Would Jesus

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Amending the US Constitution is an extremely difficult process that can take hundreds of years to accomplish. Case in point the 200 year struggle to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

All that is needed is one phone call from the President to the National Archivist.

Today, September 1st, the most restrictive Abortion Law in the County goes into effect, banning most Abortions before most Women even realize that they are Pregnant.

I believe that Deeply-Held Christian beliefs have had tremendous sway over Politics & the Ballot Box.

These are a few of the myriad reasons WHY it is time for a Constitutional Amendment granting Separation of Church & State beginning with the concept of Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs.

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Whether we realize it or not, each Individual has Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs about Life.

These Beliefs can be Secular (Religious/Spiritual) or Non-Secular but they shape our Personal Philosophies in the way we live our lives.

With the increasing Diversity of Cultures in the US, it appears that "Conservative Christians" are Hell-Bent on commandeering our Government.