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UnChristian-Like Behavior of Christian Hypocrites. Publish the ERA

Religious Hypocrites

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Christmas is the celebration of the birth, life & death of Christ Jesus who Christians believe lived & died for the salvation of all who believe he is our Savior.

Some Christians will say Grace over a meal, blessing every crumb of bread they eat, then RACE TO CHURCH, complaining about White Women & the English Language.

We have a longtime Reporter in Houston whose father is a Church Pastor & yet this person DELUSIONALLY THINKS THEY HAVE BEEN DEPUTIZED because they have a Litigious Name who keeps REPEATING SLANDEROUS INNUENDO FOR years.

Here's me thinking that JESUS taught forgiveness & turning the other cheek - and quite frankly, the last time I checked the VICTIM has NOTHING TO BE FORGIVEN FOR.

I'm pretty sure JESUS didn't DELUSIONALLY Play the Name Game while fabricating FAKE NEWS

Meanwhile, in other News, Joe Biden is falling all over himself to embrace Judaism - just the same as Trump with his race to Israel - all while INSULTING WOMEN in this Country who DEMAND to have Constitutional Equality UNDER THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT.

Call 202-456-1414 to demand Biden PUBLISH the ERA

Call 202-456-1414 to demand Biden PUBLISH the ERA

Call 202-456-1414 to demand Biden PUBLISH the ERA

VERIFIED Phone Number for the Whitehouse for Public Comment.

It's pretty stunning to watch this happen.

While we are putting Christ back into Christmas & Jesus as the Reason for the Season, I'm pretty sure that the #VirginMary had something to do with that Immaculate Birth.

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