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International Rare Disease Day

February 29, 2020 is Leap Day. In a Leap Year. Leap Day is the Rarest Day of all as we only have Leap Day once every 4 years to correct the mathematical timing in the Calendar. It is also International Rare Disease Day. Life is hard enough when we are born with 10 fingers & 10 toes. Not all of us are that lucky. As a Health Insurance Agent of more than 13 years now, I have never been more profoundly affected by HealthCARE issues of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE than the day my sweet little 4-year-old Grandson was born with a Critical Illness. While he does have 10 fingers & 10 toes, he does have a Life-threatening Critical Illness that will be with him as long as he lives. He has a PreExisting Cond

Heavenly Tacos? When Food Gets Political

Step inside these doors for Heavenly Tacos with a Political bite. The Democrat, The Republican & the Independent are but three tantalizing offerings that will have your taste buds saying "Sweet Mother of Jesus, those are some HEAVENLY TACOS." But that's not what's on the Menu at Torchy's Tacos. They make the POLITICAL STATEMENT that theirs are "Damn Good Tacos." Product Positioning can powerfully evoke a feeling or emotion to drive sales. But what happens when Product Positioning goes on the attack? Makes a POLITICAL STATEMENT as is being done here. This is not just a Political Statement this is OPENLY PREJUDICED, SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC HATE SPEECH against WOMEN. Somehow, Tacos have become C

“H.E.B-ing” a Good Corporate Citizen

7:43 Central Standard Time. So happy yesterday grocery shopping at Texas’ largest Grocery Retailer, H.E.B. This stopped me in my tracks & I had to take a few pictures just inside the Lobby. Normally I object to massive displays of merchandise just inside the front door of businesses, but this one made me smile. Increasingly over the past couple years, I’ve seriously had my nose out of joint over the Product Positioning, particularly in the Dairy Aisle near the Lactaid Milk. Product Positioning sends subliminal signals that encourage us to purchase things. Like coffee or bananas. What is this saying? When all of a sudden the Coffee Aisle swaps places with the Chip & Snacks Aisle about the sam

Happy National Caregivers Day. ObamaCARE SAVES Lives

Pictured above is my Grandmommy Ruth with her graduating class from Nursing School in about 1967. Widowed when my Poppy died unexpectedly of a heart attack, she still had two little kids at home - my Aunt & Uncle - that she had to provide for. So she went to Nursing School. She dedicated her life to supporting herself by CARING for others. The dismantling of ObamaCARE in America BECAUSE OF A NAME is like "cutting off your nose to spite your face." State-of-the-Union-When-We-Cut-Off-Our-Nose-to-Spite-Our-Face What is in ObamaCARE? A whole lot of CARING. Happy Mother's Day & Happy International Nurses Day Grandmommy. UPDATE. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Today is the start of Ramadan, the M

President's Day

Washington. Lincoln. Kennedy. Bush. Obama. Great Leaders are unifying, not divisive. Even when philosophical differences exist, Politics should not be so divisive that it pits people against each other. Our country is the UNITED States, not the Divided States of America, yet the divisions caused by the #ApprenticePresident could not be more obvious. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are universal ideals that we all hold dear. When we learn to live our lives with Emotional Intelligence, we don't BULLY OTHERS over philosophical differences. We learn to "Agree to Disagree." We learn to PEACEFULLY Co-exist. We learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Ac

Political. Legal. ETHICAL

UPDATE 2/14/2020. The word is ETHICS. Ethics are a moral standard beyond what is merely legal. Many things may be perfectly legal, but UNETHICAL. We need Legislation written REQUIRING MANDATORY ETHICS CERTIFICATION for anyone intending to running for Elected Office to even get on the Ballot. Ethics are a standard of behavior that is Self-Governing, Self-Monitoring & Self-Policing our own behavior as individuals, not to sit in judgment of others. Laws are only applicable when people cannot or will not govern their own individual behaviors. The American People have a right to EXPECT our Elected Officials to not only function within the limits of the Law, but to exemplify a model of behavior

Next Level Thinking. The Word is PREJUDICE. 2/14/2020

UPDATE Valentines Day 2020. Today will be about Chocolates & Flowers. Yesterday was a major victory for the Equal Rights Amendment. Yes, Women DO still need this Constitutional Protection from MISOGYNY. People are Individuals. It seems to me that people are trying to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN, When we begin to understand that people are Individuals we don't scapegoat an entire CLASS of People based on Gender, Race or any other Physical Characteristic. Bullying has become a global problem. This has got to stop. Prejudice is the phenomenon & Discrimination is the manifestation of Prejudice. Until we can eradicate Discrimination of all kinds including Racism, Sexism or Misogyny we shou

Misogyny IS Hate Speech. Why We Need the Equal Rights Amendment

We study History to improve our lives in the present and future. The history of the Equal Rights Amendment & the failure of all 50 States to Ratify this important Legislation, has allowed the rampant growth of MISOGYNY. This failure of the past has us in the present in 2019 struggling to get just one more state to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution, bringing the total number of State Ratifications to the magic number of 38. 38 out of 50 States. Is that the best we can do as a Nation? This failure to Ratify has given rise to unfettered, uncontrolled RAMPANT MISOGYNIST ATTITUDES towards WOMEN. Misogyny is defined as "HATRED of WOMEN." For validation of the sad FA

2001 A Space Odyssey. Fixing the Hal 9000. Techno-Hell Continues

The Hal 9000, the main antagonist in Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey gave foreboding of a fictional world when computers, robots & Artificial Intelligence would replace man & takeover the world. Most days, I wanna heave my PC right out the window. Originally written in September of 2019, I finally gave up trying to fix my old dinosaur & bought myself an early Birthday present: a new computer with a Microsoft 10 Operating System. OMG. I'm ready to return it to the store I bought it from. In addition to Tech Support issues with my Web Page, I'm having issues with my entire system freezing, slow Internet access & web pages freezing. That, plus having to "teach myself" how to use these

Chapter One. "Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy"

Win an Oscar yesterday??? Me neither - a quick check of my bank account will verify that fact even if my name was called. How do we stop this??? The ONLY thing I agree with the #FakePresident on is his opinion of the "Crooked Media." It is STUNNINGLY HYPOCRITICAL of him to say this because the Reality Show Nightmare & the "Crooked Media" are what got the #ApprenticePresident elected in the first place. What a hypocrite. “Yes, I’d Like to Thank the Academy,” takes a good hard look at the Broadcast Industry & the Holy War being waged by the top echelon at ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox & others at our expense. It is as if 2000 years later, they are still arguing the question, “Is it Jesus? Is it Mohamma

HollyWeird & the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump

Bullies by definition have ZERO Emotional Intelligence: treating others as we would like to be treated. The truly disturbing thing about Donald Trump is not who one man is – it is the FACT that there are millions of others that think the same way. TV has created a “Bully Culture” that condone his bad behavior. Every Social issue that people are protesting could have been prevented by voting for Hillary Clinton. #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown Tonight is the Academy Awards Presentation for the Oscar Awards Ceremony. If you're anything like me, you will be watching from the privacy of your own home sitting on the couch - just like me. We cannot live our lives vicariously through the lives of

National Prayer Breakfast 2020

What would Jesus Do? Perhaps Mitt Romney knows. The only Republican to search his soul for the right thing to do: stand with Democrats to impeach the most corrupt President in American History. The rogue "Commander in Chief" is acting like a Dictator or a King, putting himself above the Law all while standing on the Christian Bible. Our Country was founded as an escape from Religious persecution by the Catholics against the Protestants & as such Religious Freedom was incorporated into the language of the 1st Amendment. Religious Freedom is the freedom to practice the Faith of your choice including but not limited to Christianity. This includes Judaism, Islamic, Buddhist religions or no Reli

Impeachment. Conflict of Interest in the Unethical Senate

Conflict of Interest is a fundamental principle of ETHICS that should be avoided at all costs in the name of FAIRNESS. Ethics have a component of altruism over self interest in that sometimes the right thing to do is not in our own best interest, such as the Senate voting along Party Lines to save their own Senate Seats. This is the Definition of Conflict of Interest. When Insurance Agents are held to a higher ETHICAL STANDARD than the "Leader of the Free World" we have a fundamental crisis of moral values in this country. With respect to the Impeachment Process fairness demands that all known FACTS are presented to our Governing bodies so there is Full Disclosure & no Lying by Omission. By

Gaslighting Equals Victim Blaming

The Apprentice President who BULLIED his way onto the Republican Ticket in 2016 continues his UNETHICAL backwards bullying of anyone who opposes him & dares to speak the truth. The term "Gaslighting," which I find to be inflammatory, incendiary & patently offensive on its' face stems from the 1944 movie, Gaslight in which a WIFE is severely, methodically manipulated by her husband who sought to drive her crazy by dimming the lights in the attic, then claim it was just her imagination - though HE HIMSELF was actually doing it. Since then, the phenomenon of "gaslighting" has actually made it into the realm of mental health professionals to describe abusive relationships. Several good article

State of the Union: When We Cut Off Our Nose to Spite Our Face

the biggest bully on the planet goes to Washington. RDHR seeks to change that. Hillary Clinton was the only Presidential Candidate who would have taken care of EVERY SOCIAL ISSUE we now face: Healthcare, Immigration, Dreamers, Border Walls, Environment. None of these urgent issues would have been a problem had this country made HISTORY by electing our 1st Female president. Our Nation's Capitol is in WASHINGTON & I continue to hear highly intelligent people being stunningly stupid in the way they speak. Do we really need a "CLEAN DREAM ACT??? How about a "CLEAN C.H.I.P." Bill??? Why use the word "clean?" Is it BECAUSE our capitol is in WASHINGTON? Why do our leaders continue to speak th

World CANcer Day

My Mom Brenda Annette Stanley died of CANcer on August 12, 2012 just shy of turning 70 years old. I think one of the saddest things I've ever lived through was watching her wake-up to the realization of how society ATTACKS WOMEN on a daily basis with Sexist, Misogynistic Coded Language. Today, February 4th is World Cancer Day. I cannot help but wonder who decided to make today the day & what their motivation for making 2/4 "World CANcer day. Today's Public Domain Image featuring an Alpha-Numeric "Brain Study" is pure genius. Asking people to "Please Forward if You CAN Read This," this is an effort to share as far & wide as possible to get the word out that this is how SOME PEOPLE speak i

Gender Inclusion at Super Bowl LIV

Budweiser gets it. Gender Inclusion isn't about Gender Dominance. It's about Equality. When we learn to recognize that PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS it doesn't matter if we are Male, Female, Black or White. Preferring the Puppy Bowl to the Super Bowl, I spent most of the day on Animal Planet & didn't see any of the Big Game in real time as it was happening like the rest of the country. No Pregame, Game, Halftime Show or Super Bowl Ads like this one from Budweiser. People don't realize that Feminists like myself are NOT Anti-Male. We are INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE. The Budweiser Ad also speaks to the Sociological Phenomenon of Labeling. Labeling is when we form impressions of People based purely on

Super Bowl? Super Stop It

Passive-Aggression in the public is a problem. Anger Management in the public is a problem. Road Raging in the public is a problem. Bullying in the public is a problem & this is part of the reason why. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is also Ground Hog Day. It will be a testosterone-filled day of Male Aggression tackling the other guy. Need I point out that there are NO WOMEN in the NFL? So how did a "friendly game" turn into an overly-aggressive, viscous smack-down? Don't know. But it is infuriating. Many will watch for the blood-sport of the game. Others will watch for the Cheerleaders & Half-time Show. Still others will watch for the Super Bowl Commercials - which have become a Sport

Advertising Hall of Shame: MD Anderson Cancer Center. How Many Do I Want in the FIGHT of My Life?

Passive-Aggression in the public is a problem. Anger Management in the public is a problem. Road Raging in the public is a problem. Bullying in the public is a problem & this is part of the reason why. Houston's premier Cancer Research & Treatment Hospital asks the question "How Many Do I Want in the FIGHT of My Life?" in their latest Ad Campaign that has been airing for 3 or 4 years now. How does this make you feel when you see this? Does it make you feel comforted & reassured that Cancer is not a death sentence - that you "CAN" survive & thrive thanks to treatments & therapies that make cancer remission possible? Or does it piss you off? Feel angry? Make you mad? MD Anderson's Ad Campa

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