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  • lisaannettestanley

Un-Christian-like Behavior at Presidential Debate. Election 2020

The UNETHICAL, disgraceful Neandertal-smack down at the first Presidential Debate witnessed Trump attacking Biden - & even Veteran News Anchor Chris Wallace - from the get-go & never let up.

There is so much HYPOCRISY in Society today, starting with the so-called "Christian Conservatives" turning a Blind-eye on the BULLYING Behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

With the Nomination & probable Confirmation of yet another "Christian Conservative," to the Supreme Court, a Catholic Woman, with the complete & total lack of ETHICS in the Senate there's probably not much we Democrats can do to stop them.

Is THIS what Jesus Would Do?

Lie, Cheat & Steal to "win" at all costs???

To condone the Jaw-Dropping STUNNING Behavior of a BULLY?

Thankfully this morning, it is being reported that last night after the Presidential Debate, Joe Biden had his single-largest one-day Campaign Contributions from the American Public who are FED-UP with Trump's vitriol.