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Un-Christian-like Behavior at Presidential Debate. Election 2020

The UNETHICAL, disgraceful Neandertal-smack down at the first Presidential Debate witnessed Trump attacking Biden - & even Veteran News Anchor Chris Wallace - from the get-go & never let up.

There is so much HYPOCRISY in Society today, starting with the so-called "Christian Conservatives" turning a Blind-eye on the BULLYING Behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

With the Nomination & probable Confirmation of yet another "Christian Conservative," to the Supreme Court, a Catholic Woman, with the complete & total lack of ETHICS in the Senate there's probably not much we Democrats can do to stop them.

Is THIS what Jesus Would Do?

Lie, Cheat & Steal to "win" at all costs???

To condone the Jaw-Dropping STUNNING Behavior of a BULLY?

Thankfully this morning, it is being reported that last night after the Presidential Debate, Joe Biden had his single-largest one-day Campaign Contributions from the American Public who are FED-UP with Trump's vitriol.

It seems that Civilization has not evolved at all since the time of Ancient Roman Blood-Sport in the Colosseum, but the American PEOPLE have had it. We NEED a change.

Several years ago, Christian Epics were very much in vogue in the Movie Theaters, in Made-for-TV Movies & were everywhere.

One of the main one that springs to mind is Roma Downey's "The Bible."

Then she Demonized Barack Obama in the face of the Anti-Christ in the Temptation of Christ scenes where he was wondering in the desert.

I nearly burst a blood vessel.

When I think of the identity of the "Charismatic Great Deceiver," also known as the Anti-Christ everything points to the Pathological Liar that BULLIES people in full view of the Public - even when he knows that the TV Cameras are on - such as maybe in, oh I don't know..... a Presidential Debate.

And by the way, how can ANYONE think that a BULLY is Charismatic???

There IS great Evil in this world.

We all saw it last night.

Don't try to tell us that that he is "Conservative," or "Christian," or that the UNETHICAL PARTY OF TRUMP has any kind of "American Values."


We need Separation of Church & State in this Country - NOW.

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