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Who is God, Not is There a God

UPDATE. Labor Day Weekend 2015, I was among hundreds of Houstonians who were Baptized at Lakewood Church. My Son Peter, my Daughter Elissa & my Critically-Ill Grandchild Solomon were with me on 9/5/2015 when I reaffirmed Christ as my Savior.

I was so happy that I didn't need to drag them kicking & screaming to attend my Baptism. Honestly I think my Son thought it was funny & was more like watching Mom get dunked in the Dunk Tank of a Carnival Fairway but he stayed the whole time.

Solomon, who had been in & out of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care (NICU) at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital got sick again, so my Daughter couldn't stay for the whole Ceremony.

Baptism at Lakewood Church Labor Day 2015

Choosing Soul-Salvation in the Blood of Christ is an Active not a Passive decision.

My Mom always made sure that I attended Sunday School & attend Vacation Bible School as a child

Her Brother has a Degree in Divinity or Theology - I'm not sure what it's called. I've never really spoken with him about this part of his life.

Suffice it to say that making the decision to get Baptized was not an exercise in "jumping on the Band Wagon."

This all took place during a time I was disillusioned with the Insurance Industry & was rethinking my Employment Situation so I applied for a Job in the Lakewood Bookstore.

I received a "Dear John Letter."

Lakewood Church Bookstore 2015

So then I thought ok. Let's see what going on with the Stephen Ministries with respect to getting Certified as a Grief Counselor.



And Nope.

As I write this this morning, the City of Houston is so thankful that our City was spared devastation from Hurricane Laura. Several Churches & Organizations are gathering Donated Hurricane Relief Supplies to send to Louisiana, including Lakewood.

Well isn't that nice.

When Hurricane Harvey DEVASTATED Houston, Lakewood Church was criticized far & wide for Inaction - for failure to provide sanctuary to Houston Flood Victims.

Political Activist Groups have held Protests outside Lakewood for YEARS.

I personally know people who went to High School with the Osteens who are also not impressed with the Kingdom these people have built: ALL TAX-FREE.

For years, I "drank the Kool Aid" & defended their massive wealth citing BOOK SALES, not a Tithing.

The more I think about this the more FURIOUS I become.

In fact, the first time I set foot inside Lakewood Church after they bought our our former Basketball Arena the Summit/Compaq Center was to get my INCOME TAXES PREPARED FOR FREE.

Can you say HYPOCRITE???

If we want to save our Country, we need Legislation for Separation of Church & State AND Requiring CHURCHES TO PAY TAXES.

Here is a Link to my Permanent Page Separation of Church & State.