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Who is God? Not, Is There a God? Christian TV is FREE Political ADVERTISING. Election 2020

Who is God, Not is There a God

UPDATE. Labor Day Weekend 2015, I was among hundreds of Houstonians who were Baptized at Lakewood Church. My Son Peter, my Daughter Elissa & my Critically-Ill Grandchild Solomon were with me on 9/5/2015 when I reaffirmed Christ as my Savior.

I was so happy that I didn't need to drag them kicking & screaming to attend my Baptism. Honestly I think my Son thought it was funny & was more like watching Mom get dunked in the Dunk Tank of a Carnival Fairway but he stayed the whole time.

Solomon, who had been in & out of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care (NICU) at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital got sick again, so my Daughter couldn't stay for the whole Ceremony.

Baptism at Lakewood Church Labor Day 2015

Choosing Soul-Salvation in the Blood of Christ is an Active not a Passive decision.

My Mom always made sure that I attended Sunday School & attend Vacation Bible School as a child

Her Brother has a Degree in Divinity or Theology - I'm not sure what it's called. I've never really spoken with him about this part of his life.