• lisaannettestanley

Be the Solution. Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence isn't about being smart - it's about being nice. Just be nice.

In Politics it's called Diplomacy.

It's learning to "Agree to Disagree with Decency."

It is learning to treat PEOPLE as Individuals.

It is learning how NOT TO internalize the things we are being shown in the Media.

We are NOT our Actors.

We are NOT our Musicians.

We are NOT our Politicians.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

PEOPLE "Playing the Name Game with the Media" is CAUSING the Delusions of millions of Americans who cannot separate Fact from Fiction.

This is why we need Complete & Total ETHICS REFORM in this country, beginning with the passage of HR1 the "For the People Act," a return to the Fairness Doctrine in Broadcast & Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

When Party Politics "on both sides" have become so viscous that Primary Candidates on the "same side" make wildly unhinged claims about Candidates of the same Party while trying to prove themselves to be "the one" it just isn't worth it to try to HELP.

For this reason, I will not be participating in any Phone Banking, Canvassing, Door Knocking or any other Political Campaign Activities this Election cycle. I just don't need the aggravation in my life

In the 2018 Midterm Elections, I sacrificed my business, my Livelihood & my Paycheck for the greater Greater good to help Elect DEMOCRATS & found myself being attacked because of the NAME of the Harris County Clerk: Stan Stanart a Republican MAN.


Anyone with a pair of eyes can VERIFY for themselves that everything about this is just plain WRONG & quite frankly DELUSIONAL THOUGHT.