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Happy Grand Parent's Day. Pledge to be a Health Care Voter

When a Child is Born we Pray for 10 fingers & 10 toes. As the Grandmother of a child living with a devastating Critical Illness who has made my living as a Licensed Health Insurance Agent for 17 years now, I cannot stress the importance of this year's Election enough.

The Nation's Health Care should not be a Partisan issue, but the Current Administration has been vowing to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare" continuing to do so even in the middle of a Global Crisis.

In Election 2020 it is CRITICAL that ALL REGISTERED VOTERS Vote.

I would like to write more than just a quick blurb in my Blog, but on this Grand Parent's Day I am babysitting my youngest Grand-Baby while my daughter is in the Hospital - yet again with Solomon.

The best advise I can give this morning on Election 2020 is on the subject of Motivation.

We all have our Reasons for Voting.