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Happy Grand Parent's Day. Pledge to be a Health Care Voter

When a Child is Born we Pray for 10 fingers & 10 toes. As the Grandmother of a child living with a devastating Critical Illness who has made my living as a Licensed Health Insurance Agent for 17 years now, I cannot stress the importance of this year's Election enough.

The Nation's Health Care should not be a Partisan issue, but the Current Administration has been vowing to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare" continuing to do so even in the middle of a Global Crisis.

In Election 2020 it is CRITICAL that ALL REGISTERED VOTERS Vote.

I would like to write more than just a quick blurb in my Blog, but on this Grand Parent's Day I am babysitting my youngest Grand-Baby while my daughter is in the Hospital - yet again with Solomon.

The best advise I can give this morning on Election 2020 is on the subject of Motivation.

We all have our Reasons for Voting.

But are you Motivated by the Rights Reasons?

Like not letting people die due to lack of access to Health Care?

Or are you Motivated by playing Political Games?

People's Health CARE is not a Game.

The Story hails from the Biblical Story of Wise King Solomon. with a Story about Dispute Resolution.

Two young Mothers had a Baby.

One Baby had died.

Both young women claimed that the living child was theirs.

When King Solomon heard about the dispute, he devised a clever test to determine who the REAL Mother was.

"Cut the child in two & give half of the child to each Mother," he proclaimed - knowing that the REAL mother would not allow the child to be killed.


The REAL mother was Motivated by the Right Reasons: saving the Life of her Child.

I have a family Member who KNOWS that I save lives for a living as a Health Insurance Agent.

Who for a fact KNOWS that my Grandson was born with a Critical Illness.

Who all of a sudden claims to be a "Ted-Cruz Trumplican."

Who has fought with me over OBAMACARE Specifically.

Who is Playing Political Games for the WRONG REASONS - while my Grandchild is fighting for his life.

THIS is what we're up against in this Election.

People playing video games with a FAKE PRESIDENT while REAL PEOPLE DIE.

There is a LOT at stake in this Election.

VOTE to Save Lives.

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