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Hip Hop: 50 Years of Your SLANDEROUS TRASH is Discrimination on ACCOUNT of Sex. Publish ERA

The HATEFUL IDEOLOGY known as "Hip Hop," is REVERSE RACIST TRASH & I REFUSE to sit here & listen to screams of White Supremacy being spewed by HYPOCRITES!

It is not "Free Speech."

It is jaw-dropping STUNNING.

It is DISCRIMINATION ON ACCOUNT OF SEX, yet ALL of the major Networks are embracing this SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH.

This year's Grammy Awards had a "tribute" to the 50 Years of Hip Hop show, slated to air on August 11th.

In case anyone watching that garbage needs to File an Obscenity Complaint with the FCC, here is a link to their page:

FCC Indecent Obscenity & Profanity Broadcast

Where is the ACLU Women's Rights Project?


Where is the National Organization of WOMEN on the issue of HATE SPEECH???

On what planet is it acceptable to DISCRIMINATE against WOMEN???


BTW our Country's FIRST FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT, Kamala Harris?

She didn't want to play second fiddle to YET ANOTHER OLD MAN - Black or White.

She ran to be PRESIDENT & LOST.



If Black "Musicians" keep rapping about BITCHES, we will NEVER elect our FIRST MADAM PRESIDENT EVER because of YOUR SLANDER.

Please act like you've got a brain in your heads & FIGURE IT OUT!

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