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Face the Music. Grammys REWARD Sexism & Slanderous Hate Speech. Publish the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT

Today is February 4, 2023 & the beginning of Black History Month. Tomorrow is the 65th Grammy Awards where Black Musicians who made MILLIONS by calling WOMEN Bitch ON THE RECORD will be formally, publicly REWARDED for producing SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH & quite frankly TRASH.

So as long as we are speaking of how "HISTORIC" things are, let's look at the History of the Grammy Awards.

It has only been a short 65 years since the first Grammy Award presentation which was diverse from the beginning, featuring Sammy Davis JR, a Black Artist.

In keeping that perspective, the History of BROADCAST in general is only a mere 100 years in the US according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on their History of Commercial Radio page.

In fact as I've recently stated that the history of Broadcast is actually MY FAMILY's PERSONAL HISTORY & my #1 motivating factor for fixing these 1st Amendment issues where "Free Speech" is OUT OF CONTROL.

How far back should we look for Women's History?

All the way back to the Bible where WOMEN were "given to Men" to be subservient?

Speaking of the Federal Communications Commission, if anyone watching this year's Grammy's would like to File an Official Complaint for Obscenity, read my Blog Post about the American Music Awards last year here & find the FCC's Public Complaint Page HERE.

WOMEN need the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment & also a HATE SPEECH BILL to protect us from SLANDER WITH ACTUAL MALICE in BLACK MUSIC that calls us BITCH on the Record & for Profit.

Publish the ERA

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