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HONOR RBG. No Confirmation Until Inauguration

Honor RBG. No Confirmation Until Inauguration. Yash Mori

The UNETHICAL Power-Grab for Control of the Supreme Court by the Bully President has been the goal all along.

It is how the Bully-In-Chief stole the Election from Hillary Clinton in 2016 & it is WHY the Trumplican Party turns a blind eye towards the behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

From his bungling of the Covid-19 Crisis to his FAILURE to De-escalate & calm the Public in the face of National Tragedies to the OUTRAGEOUS things he says, the UNETHICAL appointment of a replacement Judge for the HONORABLE Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg despite the fact that Early Voting is already underway is just the latest DISGRACE.

Health CARE is on the line.

EQUALITY is on the line.