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HONOR RBG. No Confirmation Until Inauguration

Honor RBG. No Confirmation Until Inauguration. Yash Mori

The UNETHICAL Power-Grab for Control of the Supreme Court by the Bully President has been the goal all along.

It is how the Bully-In-Chief stole the Election from Hillary Clinton in 2016 & it is WHY the Trumplican Party turns a blind eye towards the behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE.

From his bungling of the Covid-19 Crisis to his FAILURE to De-escalate & calm the Public in the face of National Tragedies to the OUTRAGEOUS things he says, the UNETHICAL appointment of a replacement Judge for the HONORABLE Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg despite the fact that Early Voting is already underway is just the latest DISGRACE.

Health CARE is on the line.

EQUALITY is on the line.

Abortion is on the line.

When I call for a Separation of Church & State in this Country, it is the Christian-Conservative strangle-hold on Politics that are driving many of the divisions we now see.

America is a melting pot of Diversity.

Diversity of Race.

Diversity of Color.

Diversity of Creed - of Ideology - of Religion.

Yesterday's Public Memorial for the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, by her personal Rabbi was truly beautiful.

As a Christian, I had never experienced that kind of Memorial Service before, Singing & Reading from Psalm 23 in Yiddish.

So after another day of crying & collecting my thoughts yesterday, I had a phone call from my Mom's Conservative-Christian sister - my Aunt - who is also a Trumplican.

Planned Parenthood at RBG Vigil. Yash Mori

I love my Aunt. Some of my most cherished childhood memories are with her.

We talk on the phone several times a month.

Much more often than before my Mom died in 2012.

As long as we don't discuss Politics we do fine.

We can even talk about Religion & agree on almost everything except this: ABORTION.

Neither my Aunt nor my Uncle ever had children, so she really doesn't have the point of reference to know what it's like from 1st hand experience.

For this reason, I don't have any 1st Cousins. All of my Cousins are 2nd Cousins of my parent's generation.

Knowing that my Aunt was reaching out to me during this National time of Mourning at the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, I opened the Dialogue of the Yiddish Funeral Service with the intention of talking about Roe/VS/Wade.

I spoke at length of the Torah, the Bible & the Quran all three sharing the Books of the Old Testament. saying how beautiful the Yiddish Memorial Service was.

When the conversation moved to how distraught I was about the Vacant Supreme Court Seat specifically the Unethical attack on WOMEN'S HEALTH, she seemed shock & surprised that I myself have had an Abortion.

Several years ago when I was Baptized she was in tears of joy, but who is she to judge my choice to have an Abortion?

These are the kinds of divisions in Politics that Donald Trump has deepened & made WORSE.

If Abortion is Sin & Jesus Saves, is there any stipulation that He will save this Sin but not that???

Will Jesus Save ME?

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