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Superb Owl LVII. It's Time to Give a Hoot about WOMEN'S Rights. Publish ERA

The NFL has apparently implemented a "Clean Zone" for Super Bowl Host Cities that has apparently raised some First Amendment issues, but shockingly it has nothing to do with all the Hate Speech on display during the Half Time Shows.


It has nothing to do with having a Social Conscientious or Cleaning Up SLANDEROUS SEXIST SLURS in the music Lyrics of it's Half Time Show performers.

It's 100% for PURE PROFIT & Unfair Trade Practices allowing the National Football League to Bully & block other Advertisers from selling Products & Merchandise not Officially Endorsed by the NFL.

Not surprisingly the Mega-wealth & MONOPOLY Status of the US National Football League can be attributed to their Corporate Bullying & demanding to get their way that only Officially-Endorsed Products be advertised in the Super Bowl "Clean Zone."

Small Business Owners in Host Cities have had to File Law Suits to have fair use of their own property as Advertising Space as they see fit.

In a similar situation this ironic Prohibition on Competition has rightfully sparked an Anti-Trust Lawsuit against DirecTV's "Sunday Ticket."

To say that the NFL has gotten too big for it's britches is an understatement.

Either way, I'm not a Sports fan.

I don't watch the Game.

I don't participate in Game-related feeding frenzy that feeds the glutinous Monopoly-beast that the Super Bowl has become.

Whatever happened to Good Sportsmanship & a friendly wager that is NOT a viscous smack-down?

I think NFL CHEERLEADERS should start a Class-action LAWSUIT for Objectifying Women Sporting Events - not just the Super Bowl

The NFL needs to take ownership of the content for the Half-Time Shows & the HATES SPEECH being spewed FOR PROFIT at the EXPENSE OF WOMEN.

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