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49ers VS Chiefs. Superb Owl Says NAMES & NUMBERS Matter. Publish Equal Rights Amendment 4 WOMEN

Gold - something I don't have & yet that's what's behind the NAME of the San Francisco 49ers.

Not being a Sports Fan AT ALL, I couldn't care less about today's Super Bowl, nor the gazillions of Advertising Dollars being spent today enticing Viewers with their call to action to buy Tickets & Jerseys & Finger Foods for your Super Bowl Parties.

What I DO CARE ABOUT is ending SEXISM, ending MISOGYNY & treating all people WITH DIGNITY & RESPECT.

Several years ago, our country went through a "Racial Re-Naming Reckoning" where Products & Schools & SPORTS TEAMS were given more Racially Sensitive NAMES, yet the same RESPECT is not given to WOMEN.

So in brainstorming ideas for today's "Superb Owl" blog post, this is what I came up with.

The Kansas City Chiefs were easy to get - though it is curious that they didn't go through a NAME CHANGE when the Washington Redskins did.

But I have yet to hear anyone push-back or object to SEXIST NAMES that are derogatory to WOMEN like the 49ers.




It makes me wonder if there are DEAD WOMEN SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE???

Of course not - least of all NOT ME.

Dead women don't write Blog Posts, yet here I am so I must still be VERY MUCH ALIVE.

So in my Google Search to VERIFY the QUESTION - "Who were the 49ers in the 1800's and why were they called that name?"

This was the official response:

" The 49ers got their name simply for the date in history (1849) where tens of thousands of people migrated to California from all over the world to pan for gold."

I'm still waiting for the date in History when President Biden PUBLISHES the ALREADY-RATIFIED EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT certifying that

" Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state ON ACCOUNT OF SEX."

So, win lose or draw in today's "Superb Owl" the real wisdom is in recognition that ALL PEOPLE deserve Constitutional Equality under the Law.

Publish the ERA & make prejudicial discrimination against WOMEN a thing of the past.

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