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DISCRIMINATION is NEVER ok. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

The already-Ratified Equal Rights Amendment would make Discrimination on ACCOUNT OF SEX Illegal in this country & yet the "Woke Media" is still glorifying SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC Hate Speech against WOMEN in Black Music Lyrics.


This is particularly STUNNING after the "Great Renaming" that has been underway for years now, beginning with the destruction & removal of Confederate Statues across the country & continuing with Commercial Products, Sports Teams & Public Buildings:

Aunt Jemima Pancakes are now Pearl Milling Company.

Uncle Ben's Rice

Eskimo Pie is now Edy's Pie

Cleveland Indians & Washington Redskins are changing names - but no word on the San Francisco 49ers changing names for being Sexist.

There was even a controversy whether or not the University of Texas Football Fight Song "The Eyes of Texas of Texas are Upon You" is racist or not.

It was a HUGE CONTROVERSY in the wake of Woke Culture & the Black Lives Matter movement.

And yet this morning, July 17, 2022 on GMA Sunday (I refuse to say Good Morning America because this was STUNNINGLY NOT GOOD) MISOGYNOIR was on Full display on the Public Airwaves.

As a WOMAN, a White Woman, what they did was the equivalent of giving props to General Robert E. Lee in providing a Public Forum & FREE ADVERTISING to a Rapper that OPENLY INSULTS WOMEN by calling Women BITCH.

It is the SAME THING.

Lee High School here in Houston where I live was RENAMED "Wisdom High School" during this same period in 2016.

What's next?

Rename the ENTIRE CITY OF HOUSTON because it is named for General Sam Houston - wait for it - while TV Stations condone calling WOMEN BITCH.


Publish the already-Ratified Equal Rights Amendment to protect Women from HATE SPEECH & give us a Congressional Hate Speech Bill.

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