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  • lisaannettestanley

Equality 4 All. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Equality for all should be a pretty easy concept to understand, yet it seems to be as divisive an issue as ever, particularly on Twitter.

Social Media in general these days isn't for the faint of heart, but somehow Twitter seems to be where the most viscous Political vitriol happens - which isn't to say that Facebook & other Social Media Platforms aren't also full of Bullies - because they are.

We've all seen the lack of Civility with the Political arguments & foul language when people can't seem to "Agree to Disagree" where differences of opinion exist.

Why is that?

I, for one believe that Free Speech has gone entirely too far.

People don't think before they speak or think before they post.

With people demanding their Constitutional Rights, they have forgotten that Rights come with Responsibilities.

Much like I said in my "Rights VS Responsibility" discussion for Covid-19, we need to ramp up basic Civics education in this Country.

That, plus a complete & total lack of