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Trump INFECTED. Covid19 IS a PreExisting Condition. Drop the ACA Suit.

UPDATE. INFECTED. Days after the first Presidential Debate of Election 2020, "President" Trump has been INFECTED with COVID-19 & Hospitalized at Walter Reed Naval Hospital. While we never want to wish ill on anyone else, it's really hard not to feel like he got what he deserved.

It is unclear exactly when, where or how he got Infected, but honestly it's surprising that it took this long.

Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19

Initial reporting indicated that he may have been Infected due to his close Advisor Hope Hick's Covid-19 Diagnosis Thursday morning.

Perhaps it was at any one of his countless Rallies where he MOCKED the "China Virus," MOCKED Face Masks, & claimed that "the End was in Sight."

Or maybe he got INFECTED during the Nomination Process & subsequent Ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett as a Candidate for the Supreme Court at the White House.

Barrett, who met with Trump at least twice in the days following the the Death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, had previously been Diagnosed with Covid-19 & Recovered earlier this year.

While Trump is receiving the best possible HEALTH CARE that money can buy, HE WILL HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

And what about the rest of Us?

The disgraceful "Repeal ObamaCARE" Lawsuit is slated to be argued before the Supreme Court on November 10th.

For those who have Tested Positive for Covid19 but have Recovered, they will always have listed on their Permanent Medical Records that they have a Pre-Existing Condition - even if they suffered no serious major side effects.

I will once again implore Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton & the Trumplicans to DROP THEIR DISGRACEFUL ObamaCARE Lawsuit.


Lives Depend On It.











The first Presidential Debate of the 2020 Election is tonight. There is no doubt that Trump will continue his Bullying Behavior of personal attacks against his Opponent, Joe Biden rather than stick to the Facts.

If the Fake President who holds himself out to be the "Real Donald Trump" were as quick to act on the Public Health Crisis that is Covid-19 as he is in his UNETHICAL RUSH to fill Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacant seat on the Supreme Court, 200,000 American Lives could have been saved.