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Publish the Equal Rights Amendment, Women's History Month

We study History to improve our lives in the present and future. The history of the Equal Rights Amendment & the failure of all 50 States to Ratify this important Legislation, has allowed the rampant growth of MISOGYNY..

Misogyny, defined as "HATRED of WOMEN," colors our opinions

This failure to Ratify has given rise to unfettered, uncontrolled RAMPANT MISOGYNIST ATTITUDES towards WOMEN, so much so it has gotten to the point that Society hands out Grammy Awards & Super Bowl Halftime Shows to Rappers who OPENLY ATTACK WOMEN.

It is STUNNING that Hate Speech is openly rewarded & when our Elected Officials applaud & Congratulate these "Musicians" for their Grammys it becomes State Sanctioned Misogyny.

Point being that the War on Women actually knows no Party affiliation.