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The Equal Rights Amendment will SAVE Abortion Rights. PUBLISH ERA

UPDATE. State-Sponsored MISOGYNY & Political Theater on the part of Biden & Harris have allowed the erosion of Women's Rights to Bodily Autonomy because they REFUSE TO DO THEIR CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED JOB & PUBLISH the already-Ratified EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT.


Give Women the ERA by Mother's Day


Legislating Women's Healthcare in the most egregious Invasion of Privacy violates WOMEN'S CIVIL RIGHTS.

Where is the ACLU's Women's Bureau demanding that Women's Civil Rights be RESPECTED & PROTECTED?

Where is Biden's White House Office of Gender Policy? Why are THEY keeping quiet while Abortion RIGHTS are about to be overturned?

We have known all along the UNETHICAL power-grab in the Supreme Court had the ultimate goal of overturning Roe/V/Wade. Not all Women need an Abortion but ALL WOMEN DO need Equal Protection of the Law for any number of reasons.

Pregnancy is a WOMEN'S HEALTH issue that is none of anyone else's business.

Keep your Legislation off our bodies & out of our bedrooms. It is NONE OF ANYONE ELSES' BUSINESS.

I guarantee that any one of the Female Presidential Candidates who ran for President in 2020 would not be fighting against the Equal Rights Amendment in Court to block its' Publication the way Biden is.

If America had made history by Electing our first ever MADAM PRESIDENT, the Equal Rights Amendment would have been published into Law as soon as Virginia Ratified on January 27, 2020.

This is happening because of the extreme SEXISM & MISOGYNY in the United States.

This is happening because we have YET ANOTHER OLD MAN in the Office of the Presidency.

DEMAND that President Biden publish the Equal Rights Amendment as he is duty-bound by LAW.

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