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Trump's UNETHICAL Attack on Women's HealthCARE Continues

Gender neither Qualifies nor Disqualifies an Individual for Lifetime Appointment for a Seat on the Highest Court in our land: the Supreme Court.

Yesterday's Nomination of "Conservative Christian" Appellate Judge Amy Coney Barrett from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is a slap in the face to the Legacy of the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.

Barrett, a Protégé' of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, while Duty-Bound to fairly decide Cases before the Court WITHOUT BIAS, will likely Undo much of the Legislation the Ginsburg fought for her entire career.

Now the Trumplicans can parade her out in the Court of Public Opinion saying, "Look we Nominated a WOMAN."

Yeah, a Woman with a terrible Ideology on the Law.

The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg CHAMPIONED Women's issues her entire Life, having personally faced Gender-Based Discrimination solely because she was a WOMAN.

Again, GENDER neither Qualifies nor Disqualifies an INDIVIDUALS ability to carry-out a Job.

As a Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent of 14 years now, I can PERSONALLY attest to the fact that the Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to RBG's vacant seat is a DIRECT ASSAULT ON WOMEN'S HEALTHCARE.