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Words MATTER. Give Us a Hate Speech Bill & Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

UPDATE. Misogynoir is once again on display. WOMEN need publication of the Equal Rights Amendment & a Hate Speech Bill to protect us from SLANDEROUS HATE SPEECH in Black Music like the word Bitch. It is the SAME AS THE N-WORD & it is NOT ok.

This would still be infuriating & disgraceful even if it weren't so HYPOCRITICAL.

You can't hardly turn on the TV without screams of Racism yet Black Music is REWARDED, APPLAUDED & MAKES MILLIONS by the SEXIST SLANDER OF WOMEN.

Words Matter. Women's History Month Day 20. We study the past to improve lives in the Present & Future. In 1994 then Senator Joe Biden, now President Biden authored the Violence Against Women Act, which was allowed to expire in 2018.

This important piece of Legislation had a Hearing & a Vote in the House of Representatives on March 17, 2021.

Broadcasts of the horrific Mass MURDERS at Asian Massage Parlors in Atlanta were all over the News even as the Hearings on VAWA & the Equal Rights Amendment were taking place.

When the Equal Rights Amendment finally DOES get Ratified into our Constitution, it will be the first Constitutional Amendment to get Ratified since 1992.

There is no denying that Racism exists in this Country.

There is also no denying that SEXISM exists in this Country, yet people don't want to HEAR it.

The troubled young man who committed these Mass Murders SPECIFICALY TARGETED WOMEN because HE has a problem with Prostitution.

Was it coincidental or planned that the Victims were ASIAN WOMEN?

Who knows? Time will tell as the facts are revealed.


WOMEN need Equal Protection of the LAW under the Equal Rights Amendment, the Violence Against WOMEN ACT & as I have been demanding, a HATE SPEECH BILL.

There has been & will be TREMENDOUS PUSH BACK against the Hate Speech Bill due to the WORDING of the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"

I would argue that there IS actually a Constitutional precedence for doing just that.

Yesterday I wrote about the 18th Amendment for the Prohibition of Alcohol.

Do you know what's in the 21st Amendment?

That's right.

Our Constitution should be viewed as a Living Document that can be Amended to fit the circumstances of Modern Life.

This could also apply to the 2nd Amendment & those antiquated Gun Laws.

The Second Amendment was written at a time when the most destructive weapon known to man was a MUSCAT.

Now about that Hate Speech Bill.

Hate Speech leads to Hate Crimes & Violence Against Women.

Can we get Legislation for all that Hate Speech in Black Music???


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