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RBG on Scalia-Ginsburg. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

ENCORE PRESENTATION. In the year since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg died, I've been binge-watching YouTube videos of the dozens of Town Halls & Lectures she's given over her lifetime.

Known for being THE Champion of Women's Rights, including the Equal Rights Amendment, my view on her stance with respect to the Scalia/Ginsburg Opera has all been one-sided from her perspective.

Yesterday on National Constitution Day while scrolling YouTube, a Town Hall Event with Justice Scalia popped up in the suggested videos.

So I thought OK. I'm all about FAIRNESS & I haven't heard Scalia's opinion on Free Speech, so I watched it.

There was a LOT that I pushed back on & then he said something that had never occurred to me before about the 9th Amendment.

So that is just a taste of what I'm preparing for tomorrow's Blog.